Monday, 9 March 2020

iGNITIATE - Making Radical Innovation Work

When it comes to breaking barriers not only for design, engineering and new product development efforts but the natural progression of innovation, the reality is that making radical innovation work requires the acceptance that the more central the efforts of R&D teams, the more likely that central motivation decreases.

In the very future forward focused work Diversified Knowledge, R&D Team Centrality and Radical Creativity we learn that while centralized networks are usually quite capable of creating and coordination for simple R&D based efforts and problem set, but where decentralized networks are more appropriate for complicated problems task centrality was not associated with group performance and thus higher team communication centrality decreases team members’ motivation for innovation and commitment meaning there is little reason to break barriers and push boundaries. While this might seem counter-intuitive and that group safety is much better suited to central and strong support capabilities we see in fact that more disperse the R&D activities are the more possibility for un-monitored experimentation can take place and thus breakthrough innovation can occur. 

While the above is often the basis for larger organizational concern, the numbers do not lie via a full analysis of 32 R&D teams across seven large international research institutions show how diversified knowledge positively affects team radical creativity and thus paired with a very strong NPD and deign team capability means diversified knowledge (team insiders and team outsiders ) are able to push radical creativity to surprisingly high levels thus increased value organizational growth.   


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