Thursday, 28 February 2013

Infographics: Your savior in new product launches

It has happened to every designer,  entrepreneur & product developer & it even happens to international firms launching new services - the launch black hole. How is it that designers of new products, businesses and even services miss what's out there? The solution: not utilizing design & market infographics. How do world class companies do it? They do it here:

And, as shown in this infographic of every kitchen utensil made, by type the playing field is defined. More, there are any number of similar examples for every other product and even service out there. A quick look, the 10,000 meter view is what separates innovators from the also rans. How does your firm stack up in the way it looks for new opportunities?

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Glass Life: everything is about to change

Digital Wallets, 3D printing of objects, food & even organic material, cloud computing, are all incredible however Google's Glass is poised to be the next big consumer market behavior changer & here's how you will use it everyday. 

Computer scientists and social anthropologists alike remember the work of Jaron Lanier one of the fathers of VR - Virtual Reality and Strange Days with Ralph Fiennes and his interactions with "The Hat" but not until Patty Mayes  demonstrated Sixth Sense at TeD viewed almost 7M times and  Pranav Mistry detailed Sixth Sense on TeD India viewed almost 10M times becoming the 3rd & 4th most viewed videos on TeD did the full integration of technology and wearable computing become close to real world. Now models are wearing it in commercials, nerds are coding with it on their heads and  jamming in guitar sessions after work. Soon it won't just be Google just like it wasn't just iOS and iPhones. Get ready for the Next Wave.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Want Contagious Ideas & Products? Here's how.

Creating beautiful products & user friendly services is a challenge in itself. Having products that are contagious, sticky & drive ROI, that's the challenge, no matter if a firm is producing 500K units or an artist is producing a limited series. But how? Here's how.

1) Social Currency drives the car - we love making ourselves look good, make your product or service make people look good for using it and being involved with it. 
2) Triggers: if it relates to something else you know or do, it's going to stick
3) Emotion: If it trigger a base need it's going to stick, think Maslow's level 1
4) Public: the more people can add to it, pee on it, make it their own, the better
5) Practical Value: If it's something they can talk about at work & share, it's solid
6) Stories: the more it resonates with a story you can tell and retell the more it sells

More aptly are the specifics of Geoffrey More's Book "Crossing the Chasm" summarized here recognizing the need to focus on the early adopters and the expectations of these groups and the necessary mechanisms for driving further involvement by the standard public - the larger portion of any investors hockey stick and why the only way to achieve that is by continually pumping out new products as artists create painting as detailed in "The Longer Tail"

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