Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Design Tools --> The Path to Novelty --> The Path to ROI

They say that Design Never Sleeps and neither does a clients push for more access to customers and possibilities for new products to dominate a market. There were multitudes of new audio players that hit the market from the 1st pocket sized radios, to walkmans to MP3 players before Apple dominated the market for portable music players. Now they are all obsolete not because they are useful, rather because the firm that designed/innovated/produced the fastest. And, it didn't even matter if what they produced was good enough, only that the journey was afoot.

The reality of the positive correlation between the number and variety of ideas produced during the design process, and the novelty of the design concepts is a clear indication that the tools are the key. In Influences of design tools on the original and redesign Processes  we see the clear underpinnigs of this and how organizations can effectively move faster to capture the illusive "good enough" which keeps thriving firms succcessful

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