Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Design Dichotomies: Sexy Simple East Design & Overly West Design

Often with hyper aware clients, the idea of globalization, but in particular regional design differences comes up. The biggest question: why should we care? When really the discussion should be revolving around the question: why should we not take this into account. 

A perfect example of this are the designs of Braun and the treatment of these designs in on the Japanese version of Braun’s website as the cleanliness and simplicity speaks for itself. More, one critic has urged that the peaceful transition of images to functions of the site is THE basis for the tone that clearly sets these design objects apart from others in the market especially when the firm in question is a German design and manufacturing firm.

Investigating the Braun History also communicated grace and history ( obviously, in Japanese) versus the fully English version of the US Braun website which literally speaks for itself - no need to discuss the obvious. 

Friday, 3 August 2012

Design for Better, Simpler, Cheaper Packaging = 500K British Pounds Savings Yearly

How far does design extend into the enterprise? All the way to the format of packaging a sandwich. How does this effect ROI? Well when your selling more than a million sandwiches a day, every inch of packaging counts and more specifically where the data on that package is placed, means seconds for checkout staff. A design function. Definitely. TESCO in the uk saved more than 500k British pounds after simplifying design and the placement of that  product label. As described by Sir Terry Leahy, past CEO of TESCO describes in his book and described here. 

Simple examples of the design work being completed by Dove and L’Oreal are great examples and even the advanced R&D design work of Sunstar Butler amongst others show the necessity to push forward on materials and manufacturing capabilities.


And this isn't a new topic, especially in the world of packaging as described and detailed by Smashing Magazine's Packaging Simplicity Article where even the placement of logo can effect the way, end users, in the case of checkout workers, can effect the time it takes to scan customers items. Thus simplicity isn't just for management, or even packaging design, but must begin with the 1st steps of the design, review and release process.