Friday, 26 September 2014

Gregory N. Polletta and iGNITIATE Keynote: Design, R&D + Retail @ Paris World Retail Congress Oct 30th

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, in Paris at the World Retail Congress, iGNITIATE founder & Design Professor, Gregory N. Polletta, will give the morning introduction and a 1hr afternoon masterclass on Leveraging Design, Design Thinking + R&D in Retail


The retail industry is currently experiencing a Renaissance in it's adoption of design, design thinking, and R&D models to further deliver design lead breakthroughs to the marketplace. Examples such as digital payments, mobile devices, customer profiling, advanced architectural forms, 3D printing, and rapid new product development launches has allowed retail, traditionally the last leg in the product lifecycle before recycling, to be the new playground for ground breaking experimentation. 

Further examples explored in "Percieved Usefulness of Innovative Technology in Retailing: Consumers׳ and Retailers׳ Points of View" and R&D in Design Creativity and Innovation? Let us Not Forget the Reality of Companies will be discussed along with new product design examples from ancillary industries which more than 20yrs previous only now are finding themselves inbedded in the everyday fabric of the retail world.

In 2014 after more than 500 industry professionals have passed through his classes, Gregory was named as the most inspirational professor in the ENPC PhD Engineering / MBA program program by the 2014 participants and is the Designer in Residence at the True Start & True Capital Venture Capital firm focusing on the consumer and retail sectors. 

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