Friday, 3 November 2017

Breaking Rules Means Breaking Perceptions

Defining creativity is hotly debated and yet it can serve a purpose or it can waste valuable time. Time being the dependent variable for the arrival at a destination defined is the factor used to determine success of endeavours. Normally all of this comes within the context of reward not only for the team, but in a real world environment, this means increased value to shareholders. Without this, no firm can be self sustaining and if there were no sustainability issues, eg. government projects of unlimited budget, the issue remains of arriving at a destination. These are the fundamental principles of design success. 

In the context of creativity, via "A study of university design tutors' perceptions of creativity"  we see the capability of ‘challenging conventions’ and ‘freedom from hegemony’ and ‘striving for coherent solutions’ and ‘solving real world problems.’ all of which are measurable tools for effort based success targets. In combination with tools for experienced designers and frameworks for design processes, there are specific mechanisms to make sure that efforts make to arrive a specific destinations can be done so with creativity when measured against increased value to shareholders as well as non-specific environmental factors such as empathy, safety and security all of which do not directly, but indirectly support the efficacy of organisations and their growth. 

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