Friday, 2 February 2018

Culture Means Consistency Means Meems in Successful Products

A chair is a chair is a chair. A computer is a computer is a computer. Yet, some products become icons and some are produced and then re-designed over and over until an inflection point occurs. Some firms see this as the capacity to easily apply marketing and consistent brand building, others see the effects of R&D and Design development to influence necessary cultural queues, meems, etc, that create an icon. When this happens a firm and a product transcend the mere function of what it is that they create. 

In Cultural Features in Modern Product Design - Cross-cultural Product Design we see the basis for how this can happen in an exact form and process and although the efforts to connect design to extended heritages and traditional values the increased sense of spiritual
essence and connection in human life is only but one aspect of the value of design. Design is not only the engineering and manufacturing production capabilities of manifesting but creates a construct of the future to be experienced. Design is not only a connection to the past but a link to the future yet to become. 

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