Saturday, 1 July 2017

Switching ( Costs ) & Later Stage Creative Behavior Economics - It's the basis for creativity

Design Isn't The Only Thing That Gets A Little Wild As Time Goes On.

Initially thought of as the last bastion of the process of design, when creative behaviors wield their heads at later stages of the design process, often this is to the determent of all involved from the management, finance and operations side of design and new product development efforts. Something as simple as millimeter changes can have lasting impact on the manufacturing and deployment of complex productions of new product development efforts. In the software development world this is just as complex however not necessarily as devastating as in the physical product development world - only due to the physicality of production.

Regardless, and what is of note, is that it is later stage changes and deign modifications that often make the greatest impact in the success of highly designed products which make innovations possible for example the impact ( and acceptance ) of DRM embedded in the first apple products which is possibly the single greatest factor to the success of the product with the music and movie industry. Described in "The appearance of creative behavior in later stage design processes" we see how this is possibly how Apple was able to dominate the marketplace so quickly - once the movie and music industry embraced Apple's products ( and software solutions to thwarting copyright infringement ) there was no limit to how many they could sell by removing the worry that Apple's devices were contributing to copyright infringement - later stage creative problem solving in the development of new products and how this can also impact your firms new product development activities.

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