Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Right Research Methods Mean Successful Design Efforts

Often the issue with design is not the designing but a method for evaluating the results. There is collaborative design, divergent design, business analysis, empathetic design, but in the end the reality is, is what is designed used or not and for how long. Facebook, Google, Apple, Snapchat, etc., are notorious for constantly reviewing design efforts on a click by click basis to determine IF an new piece of functionality is used, how much, how often, or at all, and in that, should the teams that are involved in the efforts be given the capability to continue. Effective? Yes, but only for continued production of new functionalities. 

All of this is only possible when specific research methods are even considered and in "research methods in visual communication design"  we see designers should not be overwhelmed with different research approaches, either traditional or alternative “the main problem with developing a research culture .... is not to do with the angst of creativity, but with the structure of research” which is often missing all together. Creation for the sake of content is the mechanism of the business of quantity over quality but not so within the context of new product development - clients expect functionality AND beauty and only with a correct research measurement system can this be achieved. Simplicity is the key - no PhD required - but a measured approach is. 

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