Friday, 2 March 2018

Design Repositories Aren't Just Libraries - How MEMIC & Generative Design Means Innovating from Within

When designers and firms integrate the capabilities of a repository of innovative products and a functional design repository incredible aspects of new functionality and artistic capability can arise. Tools utilizing interactive morphological matries, today called a morphological evaluation machine and interactive conceptualizer, a "MEMIC" have the ability to to output random components for every function instead of selecting a component by hand thus "creating" components for each function based on the frequency of the components solving the function in question. 

For those familiar with generative design and AI systems for product design this exactly capability can also be utilised with non AI and heavy computational systems and something as simple as pen and paper. In "The development of a repository of innovative products for inspiration in engineering design"  we see the model and functions necessary to make such simple pen and paper based systems work and therefore increasing the capability of product innovation without high levels of investment in such systems. Creativity and innovation capabilities are not just something for science fiction 

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