Wednesday, 4 April 2018

When Meta can Mean Multitudes, Revenue is not Far Behind

Innovation and design are not just for engineering products as when it comes to it's later counterpart in the process of breakthroughs, engineering, firms don't need to be R&D labs to create unique solutions. From lateral thinking to divergent thinking, tool cards and design drivers are mechanisms that can directly effect the creation of new breakthroughs and revenue streams in non regulated ( non pharmaceutical and non financial markets ) or areas where government intervention and state and local rules do not directly effect the outcome of getting "new" into the hands of those who are looking to make breakthroughs. 

In "Engineering meets creativity: a study on a creative tool to design new connections"  we see the capability of a system of simple creativity and problem solving that can radically alter the way innovation is executed inside small to medium sized firms as well as corporations. By utilizing Design to Connect tool cards and Design Drivers modules the raw capability to statistically have higher number of generated ideas (fluency) possibilities for innovations and a larger space of idea categories to be put into the hands of those needing to disrupt existing markets we see how multiple paths to new ROI streams for newly launched efforts can happen. Playing cards, does, in fact create value and not just at the blackjack table. 

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