Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"Innovation" is not just for R&D labs

Innovation is a completely loaded word these days, and more, undecipherable from the original definitions created by Joseph Alois Schumpeter in early 1900's. Oddly these definitions are the exact ones that firms are forgetting when discussing how they can further develop their organizations "innovation" competency as well as new product development pipeline.
In an effort to bring this more to the public eye, The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum has once again began to round out their design triennial by detailing products and firms who are not only redeploying existing aesthetic models but utilizing modern day engineering and production capabilities to further create value for the firms that they sell into thus creating new value chain possibilities and therefore creating innovations. An example of this is the Mango Wood Radio  which at first glance might not impress. However, the reach of the product, price-point, aesthetic and over all strategy that the client had to create the product is the exact example of how breakthroughs happen and similarly how iGNITIATE can do the same for your firm.