Thursday, 12 April 2012

So you want to be a design powerhouse?

Fast Company, never to be outdone and probably one of THE largest sources for links in our blog seems to keep turning it out: Details and specifics on how leading US firms face design as a strategic tool and keys to becoming a powerhouse in one easy step. Well not just one.

The basics have never been simpler, however the nuances are the devils in the details and more, what most firms underestimate:

Naturally the article is completely US centric regardless IF the companies profiled in the Corporate Design Index ship internationally as there isn't one CEO that can deny LVMH and Samsung run rings around many of the firms listed and are not even mentioned in the article. Why? US firms are US design centric where Alessi & RADO know the world is their design canvas. Similar is the forwarding thinking work past projects with Louis Vuitton and the Topiade project.

The full article is here.