Thursday, 23 May 2013

McKinsey's Winning products for emerging markets? Almost

McKinsey has been dipping toes in the design space for some time. Their strategy? Straight off the top: analysis, comparison, evaluative. Flat. And not in terms of today's "flat design" shift. What are they missing? Here's the breakdown.

iGNITIATE blog entry for McKinsey's Winning Products Gregory Polletta

The basic assumption in their most recent article, "Winning Products for Emerging Markets", lists 3 basic models for "design" and our enlivenment in new markets:
1. Shake up your thinking (collision workshops) vs. full cradle to cradle projections
2. Start from scratch (ignore history) vs. blue ocean / blue sky / no limits models
3. Design for manufacturability  (internal questions) vs. unrelated products in adjacent markets

None of the advice or analysis presented is incorrect, rather lacking in the models of disruption, and forward thinking use of design superstars and integrated design thinking. Where can you go to find out alternative methods? Right here, because "Design Innovation Just Isn't Balls".