Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Google Glass has a People Problem & Here's how to fix it: Design

Manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and fashionista pole vaulters would make Geoffry Moore proud, yet why hasn't google glass crossed the chasm? Design. And here's how to fix it. 


It's been a fire storm: who can make google glass work, the maker, the seller, the marketer, or the fashionista to make it cool? Google tried first, then Luxotica went for it, then came Ivy Ross, and Isabella Olson and finally the master of them all Diane von Furstenberg. Still no movement. Why? 

It's not about how glass can be make cheaper or easier to manufacture. It isn't how glass can be shipped out fastest or without theft. It isn't about how glass needs to be bundled with services or features. It isn't about wither or not Giselle dons them at the beach. It's about the basic assumption of why they need to be put on at all, how easy it is to just put them on and have them provide immediate value, and what happens when you just take them off. You want the time, you look at your watch. You want to answer a call you pickup the phone. You want to take a picture you swipe left and hit one button on your smart phone. Glass has yet to figure this out. So how can it be accomplished? Call a designer.

Surprisingly New Media Design and Development: Diffusion of Innovations vs. Social Shaping of Technology by Leah A. Lievrouw makes it as clear as glass.

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