Monday, 25 May 2015

When the Radio (Shack) Goes Fuzzy Even After A Redesign

With the innovation of electronics hardware being at the forefront of expansion in the early 20th century, Radio Shack soared. Now even with a redesign, the firm collapses. Why? Design Complexity. Here’s why.

iGNITIATE_When the Radio (Shack) Goes Fuzzy Even After A Redesign

In a recent article Inside RadioShack’s Slow-Motion Collapse we see the full story of how a market reactive firm, formally a market proactive firm, deigned itself right out of business. But why? The breakdown of the experimenter due to simplistic design no longer being at the fingertips of innovators and inventors. Why? The sheer complexity of design has made tinkering, designing and inventing out of the reach of most and certainly the average and very clearly detailed in The Appearance of Creative Behavior in Later Stage Design Processes but not if design thinking is embedded in the retail experience.



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