Friday, 29 January 2016

When Design & Innovation Isn't Enough Then What? Here's What.

When Chiara Alessi released DESIGN SENZA DESIGNER (Design without the Designer)  the gauntlet was thrown down because when design & innovation isn't enough then what? Art. That's What.

The notion of design not being enough is a common understanding in the Italian mentality. In the European Mentality. In any mentality that has embraced a Renaissance. Because a Renaissance isn't a time or a place it is a way of realising that "doing" or "creating" or "innovating" or "breaking through" sometimes is only the 1st baby step and can happen in a corporation, a university, a government or a person. What comes next is what's important:  creating Art that stands above the innovation. How? Described quite well in Wired's When Innovation Isn’t Enough and certainly in When Good Design Isn’t Enough the reality is that when design and innovation isn't enough, design becomes for the propose and well articulated by Designing Products for Evolving Permanence and Enduring Meaning and this is what makes the future now.

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