Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Breaking the Design Fixation – It’s all in the Innovation Flow

Limitations are the basis for all finalized & developed output: engineering and economics cannot be ignored. But what about when this is exactly what you must avoid?  Here’s how.

As fully and perfectly detailed in Examining Design Fixation In Engineering Idea Generation: The Role Of Example Modality we see the basis of limitations placed on designers and engineers when R&D for new product development efforts are taking place. The limitations for this are therefore initially visual and quickly become functional based on the capability of the mechanisms used to produce said designs with the final limitations being placed by the economic ramifications of the manufacturing process.

What be comes apparent is the mechanisms and mentalities of the views that that the designers hold when the initial investigations of the typologies to be investigated are completed. Simply, what you see is the 1st limitation of the possible domains that you might investigate. By removing limitations from the 1st instances, the expectations become limitless and innovation is able to flow freely. Value is then a byproduct that cannot be ignored when breakthroughs are realized.

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