Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Look where Innovation Would Disappear: That’s Where They Can Live

Looking for breakthroughs is often the place where you are sure that they can’t be any slower or glacier. The US Navy. But that was before, before a radical group was not only given the chance to try new things but also forced the establishment to let them.

In How to Build A Culture of Originality, we see the underpinnings of not only the personality of innovators at the US Navy but also an organization that previously might shun such behaviors, opening possibilities for small groups to try new things. These Innovation Cells written extensively by Burkard Wördenweber, and Uwe Weissflog has even permeated the Navy who has created their own Innovation Cell program. These cells, operating at a highly, seemingly disconnected manner, are able through periodic coordination with engineering, R&D, design and operations to not only create rapidly morphing problem solving. In thinking that where innovations go to die might be a place to avoid, the mathematical law of absolute value might be the place where the most benefit can occur.

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