Monday, 6 February 2017

R&D&D How Great Idea Become Game Changers

What is the capacity of innovators in 2016? What is the capability of R&D&Design influence in the future? How does this empower designers to create game changing environments? Here’s how.

In Understanding influences on engineering creativity and innovation: a biographical study of 12 outstanding engineering designers and innovators the basis of personality types, design mentalities, efficacy capabilities and more, management mentalities are explored and detailed to understand the value that design plays in the R&D mind. 

Via key factors such as environment, knowledge, attitude and insight, the associated values connected to moving from one illuminated state to another while in complete darkness are explored. What becomes apparent is how the systems to support such breakthroughs are not entirely complex, however it is the environmental queues that design innovators use via rapid series of iterations allowing interests by key users who work in tandem with R&D and Design to bring game changing possibilities to market.  

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