Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Innovators DNA ? The Designers DNA !

DNA, the basic building blocks of life are often associated with individual capabilities and linked strongly with behavioral and physical prowess. More is the likely hood to think that the capabilities for learning and re-programming these characteristics are more hard coded than the software model of re-programming.
iGNITIATE_The Innovators DNA  The Designers DNA
In The Innovators DNA a 3500 person statistical zeitgeist performed by INSEAD some of the these assumptions were heavily challenged and as such 4 basic factors were identified Associating, Observing, Experimenting, Questioning, Networking which top “innovators” have identified with them. What is lacking however is the correlation between personality profiles of these “innovators” to determine if they were merely incredible executors OF innovations - in the case of Jobs via his famous raiding of Xerox PARC employees to build the Mac. To this a more specific question is what is the Design Innovators DNA via the article What Personality Traits to Designers Share related to those who make breakthroughs themselves like Douglas Engelbart in 1968 who was the designer of the mouse, the graphical user interface, and many of the other breakthroughs that led to continued work at Xerox PARC and then “borrowed” by Apple.
Englebarts seminal work in 1968, years before the emergence of the internet via ARPANET, DARPANET, TCP/IP or any of the modern day machinations of the internet show the true designers / innovators DNA in action.

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