Friday, 2 October 2015

Design Repositories – Engineering Inspiration

When the mechanism for innovation is the mother of invention there are only a few ways that the purpose for this innovation takes place. Is there a way to increase that? Yes, and here’s how.
As defined in The Development Of A Repository Of InnovativeProducts For Inspiration In Engineering Design the possibilities of function subtraction and the utility of innovating functions are carefully weighed. What is found?

Both are required to continue to improve the value of products. But what happens when a toothbrush is enabled with Bluetooth and can speak to you and understand your interactions with it? Then what? This is the value of design repositories used for the engineering purpose of further enabling the inspiration cycle so necessary in the lives of engineers and designers not only for the motivation but also for the continued development of the art of their efforts. It is these tools as described above that give engineers and designers the drive to push forward. 

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