Friday, 23 October 2015

Designers Making Tools? How R&D Deals With it.

It’s often assumed that engineers are the ones that make the tools that designers use to apply art to create innovation. But what is the case when this is not the case? Here what.

The prevailing notion is that designers are those who apply art to the science of tools thus producing the value that engineers cannot normally deliver due to their distance from the emotional contortions of complex interactions. There are those that make the car run and those that drive the car to a win in LeMan. But what of the case when the designer is the engineer and the tools that are created are utilized and created in the same capacity?

In Can Experienced Designers Learn From New Tools? A Case Study OfIdea Generation In A Professional Engineering Team we see exactly the mechanisms for utilizing these capabilities and the models that can be utilized to further develop the renaissance persons capabilities thus increasing the value to the efforts put in to such endeavors/ It is these individuals and capabilities defined here that push the boundries of engineering, design and business thus allowing breakthroughs to occur. 

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